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le 05 octobre 2009


par when i was a bird
Tous les travaux, medias, textes, photos appartiennent à leurs auteurs respectifs.
Tous les textes, photos et autres médias issus de quepasa sont soumis à la licence créative commons
le 03 janvier 2010

Microsoft: We did copy Plurk's code

Microsoft said on Tuesday that a blogging application posted to its MSN China site did in fact copy code from a rival. Microblogging site Plurk lashed out at Microsoft on Monday saying that the Juku application stole its user interface and code. Microsoft said on Monday that it was investigating the matter and suspended the Juku service on Monday night. “
 voir aussi : Hey Microsoft: take OUR code!
par stef
source: news.cnet.com
le 26 janvier 2010

Skate or Die @ dafont.com

src dafont.com
le 04 janvier 2010

Skateistan, Afghanistan, December, 2009

Afghan children wait in line to enter the skateboarding park in Kabul December 29, 2009. "Skateistan", Afghanistan's first skateboarding park and school recently opened in Kabul with a skateboarding showdown among dozens of youngsters ranging from ministers' children to street kids, hoping that it will promote social cohesion and keep children out of the streets. (REUTERS/ Marko Djurica) via boston.com / the big picture.
src boston.com
le 17 mai 2009

Porn star Skateboards| Ride your favorite porn star

le skateboard, c'était mieux avant (comme le rock, le hip hop, internet et les bars quand on pouvait fumer).
src pornstarskateboards.com
le 16 mai 2009

Powell Skateboards Fun Trailer

The second leg of the FUN! US Video Premiere Tour begins May 18, 2009 at Overload in Chula Vista, CA. After long nine years, Powell Skateboards steps up with a new roster of skaters and delivers FUN!, the latest video title. The current roster includes Jordan Hoffart, John White, Josh Hawkins, Dallas Rockvam, Derek Elmendorf, Ben Hatchell and Aldrin Garcia. Internationally there have been showings of FUN! in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, England, Russia, New Zealand, Chile, UAE, Poland, Spain, Japan, Italy, Finland and Switzerland, seventy seven total.“
src powellskateboards.com
le 05 mai 2009


par pierreyves
source: nike.com
src nike.com
le 01 mai 2009


src agoride.com
le 28 avril 2009

Skateboarding Is...

Initially launched back in May 2002, Skateboarding Is… aimed to highlight some of the finer skaters, photos and video parts from the 70s to the 00s yet also focusing on the some of the more obscure and hard to get magazines and videos. The latest version of the site (our 5th) now includes skate magazine adverts.All content is copyright of the original photographer, videographer or company. Generally photos are credited but most are old scans so if you see one of your photos and wish to be credited or have it removed please get in contact.All video parts are captured from original tapes/DVDs and then uploaded to the Skateboarding Is… YouTube channel, although this may change due to the music rights checking they have introduced.
src skateboardingis.com
le 27 avril 2009

A Visual Sound

This is not the new Stereo Video “

What's on the left is pretty much an archive of my "Visual Sound" feature in the Euro skateboard magazine Kingpin, plus a bunch of random bonuses. Its purpose is to help you build the ultimate skate-video nerd musical library, which is very, very useful. Like, if you need to listen to music... that comes.. err.. from a skateboard video, for instance. So, this is it. Tunes you should own, all from different skate videos in time. “

Seb Carayol...
src avisualsound.wordpress.com
le 06 avril 2009

Asmith photography

Aaron Smith new website.His itw on skateinfusion
src asmith-photography.com
le 30 mars 2009

Bastien Marlin à la Tecma

@ Labenne(40)
par marie-anne
source: tacky.fr
src tacky.fr
le 25 mars 2009

Snake Run @ Tarnos(40)

Ça y est, le projet d'aménagement du skate parc de la Baye lancé en 2001 arrive à son terme avec la réalisation du dernier élément le snake run.“
src sudouest.com
le 25 mars 2009

裸婦が芸術的に描かれているスケートボード - GIGAZINE

once again via http://sk8net.tumblr.com/
src gigazine.net
le 24 mars 2009

Anagram skateboards

Anagram skateboards teaser in dvd, available in skateshop, free of course !“
src sebabes.tumblr.com
le 06 mars 2009

:: meninos > shop ::

src meninos.us
le 24 février 2009

Photographer profile #10: J. Grant Brittain | skate infusion : ta dose quotidienne !

La 10e itw de photographe est en ligne sur skateinfusion.com. Et là c'est du lourd.Thx Grant :) 
src skateinfusion.com
le 18 février 2009

Nouveau skatepark dans les Landes

En BETON !!! Après Saint Paul Les Dax, Hall04 récidive avec Saubion à Capbreton.
src hall04.net
le 09 février 2009

Bowellberalta | dafont.com

via http://sk8net.tumblr.com/
src dafont.com
le 28 janvier 2009


kanabeach haz a blog.big up Lajouz & Co. ! 
src kanabeach.com
le 12 janvier 2009

The Skateboard Film Festival

Mission: To bring together skateboard filmmakers of all ages and caliber from around the world and challenge them artistically through creative achievement in film and video.
src theskateboardfilmfestival.com
le 12 janvier 2009

Broken Magazine

empty swimming pools and skateboard magazine
src brokenmagazine.com
le 09 janvier 2009

Plan B

nice homepage (spécial pour stefw)
src planbskateboards.com
le 09 janvier 2009

Tony Hawk « J. Grant Brittain « Blogs « The Skateboard Mag

Virginia Beach Mt. Trashmore Contest, 80s“
src theskateboardmag.com
le 06 janvier 2009


photography by Samuli Ronkanen
src smulfhunter.com
le 19 décembre 2008

New Oslo Opera House Is Really a Stealth Skate Park

And though the new Oslo Opera House (shown here) was inspired by the image of two glaciers colliding, the architects at Snøhetta didn't call on glaciologists to help fine-tune the details. They enlisted real experts in twisted planes: skateboarders. "We spoke to them about surface textures and the areas they prefer," architect Simon Ewings says.“
src wired.com
le 03 décembre 2008

Skateboarding Stories and Community | GRIND3R

Here you'll find the most up-to-date skate news, photos and videos on the Internet. Create a profile to track your reading history and comments. Want to read about a particular skater or skate event? Make sure to click on topics (above). Follow us on Twitter @grind3rskate“
src grind3r.com
le 18 novembre 2008

Skate infusion : ta dose quotidienne ! » photographer profile #7: Fred Ferand aka El Gato Negro

check out the NEW BIGGER VERSION !http://www.skateinfusion.com/plus Fred Ferand's (photographer profile #7) ITW is online !
src skateinfusion.com
le 17 novembre 2008

Slap Magazine - Portfolio: Taro Hirano

je peux pas ce soir, j'ai piscine
src slapmagazine.com
le 07 novembre 2008

Lost in Subways

une bonne adresse
src pwacticelife.blogspot.com
le 03 novembre 2008

Finale Riders Contest

Il n'y a pas d'élections qu'aux USA en ce moment. Il y a aussi la finale du riders contest sur la toile et seul les votes du public comptent maintenant. J'ai choisi mon camp : les tricks de Marc Gérard sur les images de Jean Penninck. Allez voter!!!!
src riders-contest.fr
le 02 novembre 2008

Sk8.net le mag #2

src issuu.com
le 26 septembre 2008

Ozzy Wright - Exposition "Walk the plank"

poster ce commentaire www.spacejunk.tv Le surfeur australien vient dévoiler ses oeuvres en France jusqu'au 12 janvier. Artiste et graphiste old school, Ozzy et son dessin enfantin vous ouvre son monde, infesté de monstres et de super héros. Visitez cette expo, prenez le temps de discuter avec les gens de Spacejunk, et ne loupez surtout pas leurs vernissages. Grenoble/Bayonne = même combat
par kant
le 22 septembre 2008

Skateistan: Skate Culture in Kabul

Youths in Kabul have turned an empty swimming pool -- built during the Soviet occupation -- into a skateboarding park“
par pierreyves
source: time.com
src time.com
le 02 septembre 2008


Quiksilver threw an 80’s - themed streetstyle contest last weekend.
src thrashermagazine.com
le 27 aout 2008

DVS - Skate & Create 2008

src dvsskate.com
le 07 aout 2008


cool skateboard blog
src skatitude.com
le 04 aout 2008

DVS X Skatelab 10 Year Anniversary Shoe

Une video faite chez  skatelab.com et un coup de pub pour DVS Shoes.
src dvsskate.com
le 02 aout 2008

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - RIP Ray Underhill

Occupation: Art director/eastern skateboard supply, web design/Tony Hawk, Inc.Moved to CA: 1985Turned pro: 1987 (Powell-Peralta (pro model), Gullwing, Airwalk, Skate Rags)Featured in the Bones Brigade videos The Search For Animal Chin (1987) and Ban This (1989).
src thrashermagazine.com
le 31 juillet 2008


src skurniture.com
le 29 juillet 2008

TWEAKER ZINE - Skateboarding, Art, Photography and Stuff

Tweaker est un webzine anglais sur le skateboard, la photographie, dans le même esprit que skateinfusion donc, d'ailleurs cité dans le dernier # de Tweaker.how cool! 
src tweakerzine.com
le 23 juillet 2008


src robbrink.com
le 08 juillet 2008

+ COMPLETE Skate +

Getting skateboards to youth demonstrating need and positive qualities, the Skateboarding = Positivity Program gives skateboards and skateboard gear to kids in need at skateparks worldwide. “
src completeskate.org
le 19 mars 2008

TONY ALVA was arguably the most important skateboarder in the world

Simply stated TONY ALVA was arguably the most important skateboarder in the world when skateboarding was still a subculture to the days when it first became an international phenomenon.“
par stef
source: angelfire.com
src angelfire.com

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